Reading master.csv - NO ANSWER

I’m looking through the calls for a specific date in the master.csv file.
I’ve got some calls coming in that have a disposition of NO ANSWER. I’m still learning the ins and outs af this particular phone system but I thought that every call was supposed to go to voicemail after a certain number of rings. In that case we should never get a disposition of NO ANSWER, right? For that particular call the data in the ‘last app’ field is listed at ‘Dial’ (not Voicemail).

Is there a max number of active voicemail users that would cause it to end in NO ANSWER?


Only if you enable the application in your dialplan.

The extension that I’m looking at definitely has voicemail. Is there any way I can see what happened to that particular call (why it didn’t go to voicemail)?

Edit - Here is what that particular line says (with the phone number X’d out).
XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX 45700 default Zap/1-1 SIP/45700-095beee0 Dial SIP/45700|15|rt 11/1/2011 13:20 11/1/2011 13:20 1 0 NO ANSWER DOCUMENTATION 1320177649

Yes, open the cli and call, and see the call flow. Even check your dialplan for that device.

The caller hung up before the Dial timed out.

Thanks guys. Looks like it was just a hangup.