Reading # as menu input


I tried reading # from an extension, but the input is always returned as null for #. Help me.

exten = _[#09]!,1,NoOp(“Invalid input given. Give reattempts”)
same = n,MSet(COUNT=$[${COUNT} + 1])
same = n,NoOp(“Count value is: “${COUNT})
same = n,GotoIf($[”${COUNT}” = “3”]?1000:2000)
same = 1000,NoOp(“Max attempts reached disconnect call”)
same = 1001,Goto(EndCall,s,1)
same = 2000,NoOp(“Count value is: “${COUNT}” Returning to Main Menu”)
same = 2001,Goto(MainMenu,s,1)

‘#’ isnt being captured in this.

Synopsis of Read:

Reads a #-terminated string of digits a certain number of times from the user in to the given variable.

The # is a delimiter, and will not be returned. If is important to read numbers containing #, use Backgound/WaitExten.