Read during a call using Dial

I’m trying to start an outgoing call using Dial. What i want is that when the user calls in, the call this dialed to another user and bridged together. They can now talk to each other. This is possible using Dial() cmd.

But I want the called party to be able to press * any time during the call to put the calling party on hold and start a IVR menu.

I tried using the G option with Dial but the call disconnects immediately. Is they any way I can use Read() cmd during Dial() and separate the inputs of the calling party and called party.

I’m using Asterisk 1.4

Asterisk 1.4 is obsolete.

Whilst you are not supposed to use anything like subroutines or macros from features. conf, some people report that they do work. You will be using Asterisk out of specification if you do this.

You can use features.conf for operations that don’t involve control flow.