RE: Digital Receptionist Menu Non-Responsive

Just yesterday my primary digital receptionist was not allowing menu input. If I call into the system using a cell phone or lan line and attempt to push 1 nothing happens. After the timeout the menu repeats itself and then after a minute or two a disconnect. However, within my netowrk using x-lite I can simulate a test using 7777 and push option 1 and it works. I haven’t tried the system reboot yet but I was hoping to find a logical solution that didn’t require the typical reboot.



i assume you are using a sip provider. the problem is with your dtmfmode, it is set wrong. the three options are inband, rfc2833, or info. You can also try auto, which uses rfc unless it’s not available in which case inband is used.

I modified my trunk settings from inband to rfc2833 and simulated an inbound call from my cell phone. When I reached the primary digital receptionist I was now able to select menu options. Thanks again for your help.