Re: Dial plan Config with a twist

Hello there my asterisk friends and professionals.

I am using asterisk asterisk on an armhf machine without any audio device purposefully, I am using it in conjuction with some devices that enable SIP calling but they dont have dial key pads. So the question is how can I create a dial plan that would enable me control the SIP devices from the console remotely? I am able to register the calling devices, and I have been able to call from a regular laptop to the devices without problems. I am trying to use direct media set up, so that when I dial an extension from my arm it connects both caller and callee . The diffuclty is that the SIP devices have no dial keys as stated. So I am looking to see how to initiate a call from one of my devices to another from the CLI, I tried to use the originate function to brigde my devices, but once the destination rings from the remote party, there is a hangup and am left with the PBX to the other device. I need a “device to device” directly from CLI configuration. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you and happy holidays!
And in one of my SIP.conf I know I register my devices as I would a phone, but do I register the devices am calling as well, I thought the server conncetivity would take care of the other device, network set is fine. Thanks!

You need to register any device that you want to call but for which you don’t know the IP address. You don’t need to register type= friend devices from which you only receive calls, and you don’t need to register if you already know their IP address. Registering and using type=peer is normally more secure than relying on type=friend for dynamic devices.

I can’t work out why you would get a premature hangup with your originate, so you need to provide the relevant diaplan, the originate command, and verbose level 5 logging.

Also, are you aware that if the device initiates a call with no user in the URI, Asterisk will use the s extension?