RDNIS to Asterisk VM without QSIG

Hello all!
Thanks in advance for any help offered and I apologize if this is the wrong forum, please redirect me.

My Avaya S8700 was purchased with Standard Edition - No QSIG capability.

We want to move to an Asterisk VM but I have been unsuccessful in getting the mailbox ID to Asterisk via PRI, T1 or H323. I can get caller id fine but don’t see RDNIS.

Current VM is Avaya using Dialogic D/82JCT which connects to a TN2224 board as station type 7434ND. Dialogic doesn’t support this board under Asterisk - I spoke to them this morning.

Any ideas or hope here?

I really appreciate your responses. Thanks Donald

In talking with the Via Group the Dialogic Media Gateway - Digital Set Emulation product came up.

Has anyone used this product to connect to an Asterisk server?
Dialogic DMG1008DNI