Rawman not working on Apache

I tried to integrate asterisk GUI with apache. The page loaded fine. But rawman method not working. It shows 404 not found error. But if I provide separate port for asterisk GUI and apache, it works fine in 8088 port. But it shows 404 error while I providing the same port for asterisk GUI and Apache.

If anybody help me on this issue, I will be more thankful to them…

you have to make the asterisk rawman directory readable to apache (edit httpd.conf).

rawman is an method, isn’t it? what is the location for the rawman directory. Is it available in the asterisk GUI root folder?

Here is what you actually need:

Read this page
the-asterisk-book.com/unstab … -ajam.html

At the bottom is a section on integrating the manager functions into Apache by proxy.

I already tried with these proxy pass integration, but after that also not working fine???

I got solution for this problem by creating asterisk.conf file in apache/conf.d/ folder with alias information. For reference,


Does anybody knows how asterisk GUI maintaining its cookie? Please revert