Rasberry Pi Support Request


I have Asterisk 11.4.0 up and running on a Rasberry Pi “B”. It works rather nicely in a home/office situation.
However, two things seem to be missing that I had available under the x86_64 architecture:

  1. Fax for Asterisk – I see only options to download x86 modules.
  2. G729 codec support – as above. I had purchased licenses for the x86_64 environment.

If I’ve missed something, a pointer would be appreciated. If not, I wonder if there are any plans to make either module available for Rasberry Pi Asterisk users.



So far, there aren’t binaries for armv6 architecture yet. And seems there aren’t interest on create them.

Hi I would as over at raspberry-asterisk.org/ They have hylafax working i see

Yes, Ian, I saw that Hylafax is working. I will likely give that a try. Thanks.

So I got Hylafax and iaxmodem working…a very heavy lift compared to Fax for Asterisk, no T38 support if using iaxmodem, and no CLI visibility into fax status as with FFA.

What would be the business case for providing FFA as a free product on Raspberry Pi? How would it be likely to increase the sales of any of Digium’s chargeable products?

Assuming that this is simply a cross compile, it would generate a great deal of good will for minimal effort.