Random Calls Instead of Trunk Sequence

Hi everyone,

How do i set the asterisk to call on an outbound route in the form of random and not Trunk Sequence like Rrmemory Hunt in freePBX?

Thank you

rrmemory is not random. There are random statgies.

queue isn’t suitable for trunk hunting, as you cannot parametrise the dialled digits. (There might be tricks with variables and local channels.)

Why would you want to do this anyway? Generally the best strategy is linear in the reverse order to that used at the other end.

People who use hunt strategies generally use explicit decision logic in the dialplan.

Thank you for your response…

I just want to make choice NOT Sequence and something like rrmemory…

For example in the PSTN(DAHDI) Senario when the first Dahdi trunk has debit ,it is a problem and always start from first trunk that has a debit line.

i dont want this.

I don’t understand “debit”.

Sorry, I missed the FreePBX reference. We do not provide FreePBX support here. Try https://community.freepbx.org/

However, I suspect your real problem is buying an unsuitable product from your network operator. It sounds like you have bought multiple instances of a product intended for single line use rather than one designed for PABX use.

Also, with a PABX product, they will generally hunt from one end, so that end will naturally carry fewer outgoing calls