Random calls being placed

I have an asterisk server that has been placing random outbound calls to random numbers, which has gotten me suspended from my trunk provider for script calling.
I’ve looked in the cdr and around ~400 random calls are being placed randomly and that day only six was legitimate calls that I had placed.

I do not know much about asterisk servers, and I do not know what logs you want me to post.

My asterisk server is running ubuntu server 32bit. I followed this tutorial when I installed the server.

First, change your sip.conf passwords. If this is an internet facing machine, someone could have registered a device to your asterisk server, and started making calls. Once you’ve done that, I assume this is not a production server yet, do core restart now.

Second, look at the start and end times for a call, then cat /var/log/asterisk/messages, and post the output from that timeframe.