RabbitMQ support as CDR and other events backend


Is there RabbitMQ support in Asterisk, so I can centrally receive and process all the CDRs from all my Asterisk instances?


Sort of? :smiley:

There was a proposed patch to add AMQP support for CEL and CDRs. It’s quite a good patch, and was written by our very own David Lee. If you’re interested in trying them out, the patches can still be obtained from Review Board here:


Why did they not get included?

Well… the project’s policy is that all new features have tests written for them in the Asterisk Test Suite. This helps to ensure that new features don’t break existing features, and that new features can be maintained for a long, long time. Unfortunately, no one got around to writing tests (which is mostly my fault), and so the patches never made it in.

If there’s a lot of interest in said backends, that may help generate some motion on getting some tests written, so that these backends end up in a future release.


Got it.

Thank you for clarification.

I believe RabbitMQ support will become solid in the not so far future as AMQP is sort of next big thing for devs playing around fancy microservices architecture.

Agreed! I’d suspect that this will eventually makes its way into the source tree :smile:

any news on this ?
can i apply this to the current 13 source, because its 2 years since this patch.

im willing to test it, im sure its better then what im doing now with listening with ami and pushing the events to queue.

Hi there,

Still nothing? :wink:

I have not seen anyone work on this and it has not been put up for review/inclusion.

Oh well in that case, a small daemon that listens to events and pushes them to Rabbit will suffice.

Thx for the info.