Quintum ASM400 FXO configuration

Hi All,

This is my first day i brought ASM400 for Calling Card porpuse, I created AGI script for calling crad, so if some one is dialing 12345 our Calling Card AGI script will start to asking PIN,Phone number etc…

The Script is working well with SIPURA 3000. But i wanted to configure in quintum because this model is already having 4FXO line. So if any once can give me some usefull link or the idea for FXO configuration i will be appricate.

I am looking the following diagram:

PSTN ----> FXO Line (Quintum)
FXO Line ----> 12345@myasteriskserver.com

Thats all.

Please help me for this issue. Thank very much in advance.

did you get far with this? I have recently fallen into a free ASM400 and would like to interface the FX0 port to asterisk, but I am not sure about how to set it up?