Quick "two star" sequence to drop to "hidden" menu - is blindtransfer my friend here?

In the menus of my services, when someone dials a star, it takes them right back to the main menu.
If they’re at the main menu, it just restarts it.
All keys are accounted for, including #.

BUT what I’d like is that if someone presses, maybe ** quickly, like twice in under 1 second, then it’ll drop down to a “hidden” menu.

Two possibilities I thought of might be blind transfer, or some kind of short timeout combined with background audio and a gosub. Both seem like the kind of cases where I’m overthinking something ridiculously simple, just that I haven’t found it yet!

So, in an ideal world, what I DON’T want is for there to be a delay. If someone presses *, I want the root menu to play instantly. If someone presses star again within the same second, I want to jump to the hidden menu, but if they leave it more than one second, I want it to behave as it does now.

Does that all make sense? Thanks :slight_smile: