Quick newbie question

apologize for asking this as i know it’s been covered… but i’ve been using asterisk for a few months and finally got it installed on my macbook pro (v1.6.2.6)

everything seems to be running fine but during the process of adding a new user in sip.conf i’m getting nothing… keep getting a ‘no such command’ error

i’ve gone through the future-of-telephony book but can’t find basic instructions to get this set up

again i’m a student and newbie and i’ve been working on this for a few days so apologize in advance

once i get myself set up as a user in sip.conf i’m pretty sure i’ll be able to go from there

thanks in advance 8)

There isn’t enough here to help you with.

What have you added to the sip.conf?

What do you mean you are getting a ‘no such command’ error? if possible post the output from the console.