Quick call test failed (Hello world - Asterisk and Zoiper)

Please try with pjsip.conf

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Alright, I will try that!

How do I enter the extension an dial with Zoiper5 :sweat_smile:

you connected asterisk to zoiper?
You can open dialboard in zoiper and press 100 or your extension.

Yes I connected asterisk to Zoiper thank you, but I still have some questions?
-Why is it working with pjsip and not with sip?
-Where is the dialboard? Should I have Zoiper pro to see it?

Did you see search input (Find a contact…)?
You can see numpad icon next to it. Zoiper 5 correct?
I am not sure for your first question. I think it’s a default option and you can check more about it online.
Thank you

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Oh yeah, I was looking for that option in the settings :sweat_smile:, Thank you for you help, I successfully dialed extension 100.

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