Queues causing g729 passthru violations?

Queues in Asterisk might be violating g729 passthru licensing as currently queues are taking up 4 channels and using 2 calls to patch from PSTN to Queue then Queue to Extension.

I have tested this and no matter what I do, I can’t reinvite the RTP Stream from PSTN to the Extension. I looked at the sip channels and it shows that for 1 call, asterisk uses up 4 channels and 2 calls to run a queued call.

Basically, have an incoming g729 call, let it hit your queue and force your extensions to only use g711. Asterisk’s queues have to transcode the incoming call which is not allowed via g729 passthru implementation.

1: Is there a way to ensure that queues from PSTN to Extension uses only 2 channels and 1 call?
2: Ensure that g729 passthru is not violated.
3: Ensure that all queue calls can be reinvited.


PS: I tested this via FreePBX and FreePBX dev team said that they are using Asterisk’s queuing feature and I should post this here.