QueueMetrics 1.4.1 released

After a few months of developement, we are proud to release QueueMetrics 1.4.1

This is mainly a bug-fix release over 1.4.0, with a lot of stuff fixed and improved - the most important new addition is that QueueMetrics now supports dynamic logins per queue if you run under Asterisk 1.4.

Major new features:

  • Support for dynamic queue logon through AddMember and RemoveMember verbs (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Pause codes are now shown on the Realtime page
  • The time zone offset value was not working correctly in version 1.4 and
    is now fixed
  • Raw agent sessions: it is now possible through a configuration switch to
    see ALL agent sessions and not only those where they’ve taken at least one
  • The default configuration file that ships with QM is compatible with
    TrixBox, as it’s the most common environment.
  • New clustering licence model fully supported.

…plus over 30 bugs fixed and little improvements - see the changelog. In
total, this release produces over 150 different results.

You can download the latest version immediately from the downloads page at queuemetrics.com/download.jsp , together with the updated 130-page User manual. As an alternative, if you run RHEL/CentOS/TrixBox/AAH, you can install it automatically using yum - see
queuemetrics.com/install.jsp . If you just want to see it in
action, try the demo system live on our website.

QueueMetrics is a commercial, heavy-duty, full-fledged call-center
monitoring package for Asterisk that is available free of charge to
individual users / very small call centers / SOHOs / Asterisk hackers.

We hope you’ll like it!
The Loway team