Queue show = Zap/1 (Invalid)

My Call queue will not work…

When I do the command queue show I Get:

  [code]Zap/1 (Invalid) has taken no calls yet[/code]

when I then do reload app_que then queue show I get:

 [code]Zap/1 (Unknown) has taken no calls yet[/code]

After that the queue works. I restart asterisk and its back to Invalid.

I then Tried inserting this into moduels.conf

[code]preload => pbx_config.so

load => chan_sip.so
load => chan_iax2.so
load => chan_local.so
load => app_queue.so[/code]

still the same thing.

Here are my conf files…


Im running CentOS 5.2
Kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5

Is it possible to get asterisk to load app_queue last? or have asterisk run the app_queue reload each time it starts or restarts?