Queue service level

I have looked around and have not been able to find a global variable the states what the current queue service level is set to. Any help is appreciated.

Did your try with parameters servicelevel=60 in ur specific q like q marketing
plz do it & try its define teim farme to answer calls

Thanks for the reply. I know that is where the value is set. I am tring to find out programmatically what the value is. That is why I am looking for the global variable if one exists.

did you find out what the “service level” is and how doas it work?

I always knew how it worked. The service level establishes the duration in seconds that is deemed acceptable for a customer to wait in a queue before getting an agent. When I say deemed, the value is specific to each business and each portion of a business based on Service Level Agreements (SLA) set with customers or business units.

I can extract the setting per queue by quering queuestatus. I was just hoping there was a global variable set so I could avoid parsing the data to extract a single data point. I never found one.