Queue remove member not working

I run queue show 2 and shown as below:

2 has 0 calls (max 1) in ‘linear’ strategy (4s holdtime, 160s talktime), W:0, C:156, A:2, SL:100.0% within 60s
4000 (Local/4000@from-queue/n) (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken 1 calls (last was 336 secs ago)
1001 (Local/1001@from-queue/n) (dynamic) (In use) has taken 180 calls (last was 742 secs ago)
2003 (Local/2003@from-queue/n) (dynamic) (Unavailable) has taken 199 calls (last was 460 secs ago)
2004 (Local/2004@from-queue/n) (dynamic) (In use) has taken 296 calls (last was 404 secs ago)
No Callers

now, I want to remove 2003 from the queue by running:

queue remove member SIP/2003 from 2

but it returns:

Unable to remove interface ‘SIP/2003’ from queue ‘2’: Not there
Command ‘queue remove member SIP/2003 from 2’ failed.

please help

Thanks & Regards

In fact isn’t there, as you can see there us no Sip/2003 member try removing the local/member.

Hint use the TAB to see available members.