[Question] Is it possible to remove a delay for sending SIMPLE message?

I am running Asterisk 11.22.0 and I am trying to send SIMPLE message from peer to peer after set it up. It is working well between any sip client applications but I have a problem about delay in the message.

I implemented some application is sending SIMPLE message to peer every 1 sec for testing. I expected it to be immediate reaction and response like the messenger but it didn’t. It makes a lot of delay between every messages. Is it possible to solve this problem? If it is impossible, may I know the reason?

This is my testing environment.
PBX :Asterisk 11.22.0
Peer : GS Wave (Android), X-lite(Windows), IMSDroid(Android), MicorSIP(Windows)

  • sip.conf
    accept_outofcall_message = yes
    outofcall_message_context = simple-message
    auth_message_requests = no

  • extensions.conf
    exten => _X.,1,MessageSend(sip:${EXTEN},${MESSAGE(from)})

How much of a delay do you seem to be experiencing?

Thanks for your response. It gets next message 9~11 seconds later. It is very regularly. I think this happening is from the message queue.
The message queue has any time limitation between messages? Can I adjust it manually?

Sounds like a failed DNS lookup. Do you have a DNS service that either supplies or actively rejects all domains and addresses it might receive?

Ive now gotten the same problem, hopeful i can get rid of the delay (its a 12-15s delay it seems) with the good info given, let me give it another go now that i know a little more about it :slight_smile: will update in like 10-15mins

Forgot to update you lot sorry! Me and my friend (mostly my friend) had gotten rid of it, hopefully it DOESNT happen again. If i know what he did in advance i would tell you but he just put it in broad terms and said he reset the phone, some how that has done it for me, if you try it then hopefully it fix’s your problem too.

Hello guys. I already fixed this issue long time ago. Sorry for that I forgot to reply the result here.

it’s needed just hangup command like this one below

exten => _X.,1,MessageSend(sip:${EXTEN},${MESSAGE(from)})
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

Thank you guys.