[question] Dialplan system wget

Is there a way to to add another system command at the End of and Incoming call?

Currently I am using:

[code]exten => 12345678,1,System(rm -rf /var/www/data.xml)
exten => 12345678,2,System(/var/www/./samsung.pl ${CALLERID(num)})
exten => 12345678,3,System(php /var/www/soaper.php < /var/www/data.xml);
exten => 12345678,4,System(wget “”);
exten => 12345678,5,DIAL(SIP/109&SIP/104,45,Tt)


I use above to signal an incoming call on my Samsung TV via uPNP and then to Pause XBMC …Currently XBMC Pauses but after the call has finished I cannot un-pause (reported this on the XBMC Forum) but I thought can I just add another exten=>12345678,6,System(wget “”); to automatically un-pause at the end of the Call or what Parameter would I need to to this at the End of the call?

On another note I seen that other users use TrySystem(wget -b -O /dev/null -o /dev/null rather than only wget as I found after a successfull Pause of XBMC I find xbmcHttp?command=Pause() in my Asterisk Root Directory …



The “h” extension allows the execution of dialplan logic after a call has hangup.