Question about this system


Only a few minutes ago I discovered this system And I want to know if the system can do something like this:

  1. I want to put in the software list of phone numbers.
  2. The software should call to all the phone numbers on the list one by one and play a recorded message
  3. People get the call and hear the message and press a key on the phone buttons (1,2 or 3…)
  4. I get from the software the list of phones numbers and what people click


The message

How old are you? If you are 20 years old click on 1, if you are 30 years old click on 2.

the Person click on 2 then I get his phone number and the number 2.

I need something similar.
Is it possible to do that with this software?

Thanks everyone

Short answer is yes.

but its not just as simple as installing and going. There is quite a bit to get working to be able to do something like you wish. To learn more read this:

Pay particular attention to appendix Z, which covers the use of said software for unsolicited surveys or telemarketing operations. Specifically the part were the autodetection code will cause it to quit working if it determines a violation.