Question about Dundi and the weight option

I have a 5 node dundi test setup. and i have it working correctly i think. Here is the question, i have numbers in the context dundi-priv-via-pstn on one of my nodes called pstn1, that context has a weight of 400 in the dundi mappings. the other nodes connect through one central node called dundi1. so they only query dundi1 for lookups.

dundi one queries pstn1 and is able to retrieve the results and get the route to the number i want. But it comes back at weight 400.
It will not give the other nodes the lookup results, unless i specify the weight as 0 on pstn1.

Am i missing something? It should give it the lookup data at weight 400, and the client should be able to make the decision to use the route or not right? given that its the only route to that number it should take it. But it doesnt.

Any help is appreciated. If my question is unclear, ask away, i can post all the configs if necessary, but i think its either a conceptual problem on my part, or a simple config problem, but the available docs out there dont really talk about how dundi makes decisions on weights when there is only one reply.