Question About Asterisk Certified

I’m confused :confused:

I am using asterisk- now i want to install the LATEST version of asterisk.
I go to: … k-versions

I’m confused about asterisk certified.
I was reading here: … d-asterisk

From a code perspective, and barring the included support for Digium phones, Certified Asterisk is the same as a standard release of open source Asterisk. In order to help set SLA support customer expectations, Certified Asterisk disables, by default, compiling of non-Core modules, whereas releases of open source Asterisk may enable those modules by default. These modules may still be selected for compile manually, but they are not covered under customers’ Service Level Agreements. For more information about Asterisk module support states, please see the Asterisk Module Support States wiki page.

That means… That now I have to select all the options I want my asterisk have manually from make menuselect?
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  1. How can i execute menuselect?
    Normal, like in the traditional way? (make menuselect?
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Just use the mainline version of 11, not the -cert release. The -cert releases are maintained for Digium’s SLA (service level agreement) support customers.

The asterisk versions without -cert
Include by default the compiling of non-Core modules ?


Perfect. But… This version the latest, the process to install is the same as 1.8.4.x?

11 has a dependency on libsqlite3