Query for Text to specch Setup in asterisk

Hi experts,

First, i tell u the setup i want to make :

“I want asterisk to convert text message coming to it into speech and plays to recipient of text message”

I have installed festival for asterisk to do TTS, I have checked it through converting temporary text file on system into speech and play.

Now, for this setup, i m going to use softphones for sending text msgs to asterisk as instant msgs from softphones. So, my queries are where instant messages are stored in asterisk server so that i could find them and convert them into speech through festival. And another query, if i get the text msg, then how would i play that speech to recipient.

Please help, i 'm stuck.
Waiting for response.


I have never tried sending text message to asterisk but I assume that you can set it to a variable and then use festival to play it. If it is for two separate calls (Leg A sending the text and Leg B taking that text and playing it to a caller) then maybe write an app that will create a file on the server and then the server will look for files and call the person and play them the message.

Thanks for replying.

Well, i m able to convert text into speech using festival and text2wave applications. But from reply, i m not able to think how i would store message into file because i don’t know where text instant message comes into asterisk and where it gets stored before forwarding.
and another thing that is not clear to me if i have got the speech then how i would play at callee side?

Please guide me, it would be really helpful.

Thanking you.