Qualify_frequency in Asterisk 16


I’ve configured extensions PJSIP successfully. They are registered without qualify.

But, when I created a new extension and I added the parameter ‘qualify_freq=30’ in the section ‘aor’, Asterisk deny the creation of this extension. On the other hand, when I added it on an existing extension, Asterisk shows ‘NonQualify’.

How can I fix this?


The option is not qualify_feq. It is qualify_frequency.

Yes @jcolp. It’s qualify_frecuency. It was a type mistake.

But, the problem is true.


Show the actual log stating that it can’t create the AOR, it will say which option prevented it. If you just started Asterisk then it’ll be in the Asterisk log.

The logs:
ERROR[657486]: config_options.c:780 aco_process_var: Could not find option suitable for category ‘5003’ named ‘qualify_frecuency’ at line 93 of
ERROR[657486]: res_sorcery_config.c:422 sorcery_config_internal_load: Could not create an object of type ‘aor’ with id ‘5003’ from configuration file ‘pjsip.conf’
[ NOTICE[657486]: sorcery.c:1348 sorcery_object_load: Type ‘system’ is not reloadable, maintaining previous values


This is not qualify_frequency

True. I amend it, and now that’s correct.

So sorry!