Qsiq Implemention

Hi all,

far as i know there are three qsig specifications out there
-3 rd edition.
can anyone tell me what kind implemented in */libpri.

i have a qsig link between my * and a meridian 81c. i always get the errors IE49 and IE50 “Unknown information element” and the Callers Name is not transmitted in both directions.
can anybody help?
sorry, i’m not a tech at all but nobody could help me in the user-list.
thanks in advance

Hi Marcus,

I’ve been researching on this subject for a while, however there are very few others I’ve contacted who are working on this too but on Alcatel, we should make a group to share experiences. QSIG is an extremelly important step for * to stand better on the legacy world.

With respect to your especific problem maybe we could help you a bit, please show us the following files:
sip.conf (if this is where you want to see the caller’s name)

One question about the Meridian 81, I haven’t tried with it yet.

Have you currently been able to transfer a call you have on the E1/T1 of * to an extension of the Meridian? (that is using QSig or other but not bridging)

you can contact me at mfeoliyahoocom

best regards