QoS Switch question

I am pretty new to the SMB networking world and have a question that is hopefully simple! My question surrounds the proper hardware for proper QOS setup.

Here is my rundown:

Metro Ethernet
Netgear GS716T Smart Switch
----69.25.xxx.xx - FTP server
----69.25.xxx.xx - FTP Server 2
----69.25.xxx.xx - Web server
----69.25.xxx.xx - Cisco 1921 Router
------------ - Workstations
------------ - Workstations
------------ -Trendnet POE switch on a separate VLAN from workstations off of the 1921 router
------------------------------- - Switchvox server
------------------------------- - 12 Polycom IP phones

My question is, The trendnet switch only supports 802.1p, NOT DSCP, the Netgear and Cisco router both support DSCP.
If I want to ensure that QOS is at its best is this a stopping point for the DSCP tagged packets from the IP phones and Switchvox server?

We transfer heavy loads over our lan
We have heavy load of incoming data over WAN

I am hoping to improve lost packets from both internet and WAN traffic.

Differentiated service tagging is done at the IP layer, which is the network layer, OSI layer 3. The tagging will go all th way through to the other end, although some components may not interpret it or may misinterpret it.