Does Asterisk handle the Q-SIG protocol?

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With Zapata hardware it does:

voip-info.org//tiki-index.ph … apata.conf

[quote=“Wiki”]If you have a PRI line, specify your type of switch here. (PRI is a type of ISDN typically used to connect a PBX to a telephone exchange. They have multiple channels on the one connection.)

switchtype: Sets the type of PRI switch being used. Default: national. Acceptable values are:

* national: National ISDN type2 (common in the US)
* ni1: National ISDN type 1
* dms100: Nortel DMS100
* 4ess: AT&T 4ESS
* 5ess: Lucent 5ESS
* euroisdn: EuroISDN
* [b]qsig: Minimalistic protocol to build a "network" with two or more PBX of different vendors![/b] [/quote]

digium.com/index.php?menu=pr … y=hardware

Although I have no direct experience with Asterisk and Q-SIG.