Pushing programmable keys to phone with Endpoint Config

We have a couple existing Elastix 2.0 installations using Aastra 6731i phones. The phones all have programmable keys that were probably pushed out by the PBX. We just split the remote site into a voice and data network and therefore changed the IP address of the Elastix server. The phones all have the wrong IP adresses in them both in the line settings and the programmable keys settings. We manually changed the line settings on all phones from the phone web pages so all the phones are live. If we use the endpoint configurator to reprovision the phone, everything works fine except the programmable key settings are all blank. If we manually edit the line settings from the phones web page and just replace the IP address, pushing that button on the phone receives “not authorized”.

I have Googled and searched but was unable to find anything which means I am probably searching on the wrong keywords.

Can someone point me to the documentation about configuration files for the phones to push settings such as programmable keys to all the phones?

Does anyone know why the phone would display “not authorized” after changing the IP address of the server and then changing it in the XML string on the phone? Following is the XML string for call forwarding on the phone.

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