Hello and thanks in advance for any help you guy can provide me with!

Here is my problem, I have a server already configured with AAH 2.8 and FreePBX 2.1. I installed and FXO card 2402E with 8 FXO port so that I can connect 8 PSTN lines to it. The card is configured correctly, the drivers are loaded. Thanks to this wonderful forum I have been able to do everything to this point just by reading and following instructions, however to this point I don’t really know what my next step should be in order to be able to make or receive calls through the analog lines.

I am confused with trunks, extensions and dialplans. My understanding is that besides creating your trunks and extensions in FreePBX, they also have to be created in the extensions.conf and perhaps somewhere else.

I just need a little guide explaining what the step should be in order to make this work. I have a Polycom IP301 for testing and a softphone for testing.

Thank you very much; any help I can get would be appreciated!

This doc is really helpfull for this