PSTN calls not answering when using OBi110 with Asterisk

Just setup my OBi110 and configured it with Asterisk for PSTN calls using the freepbx guide … Id=4161594

When I receive a call on my PSTN line, it is successfully routed via Asterisk to my extension, however when I answer the call I keep hearing a ringing tone and the call is never answered on the callers end. The sound is similar to a normal ringing tone, but distorted and muffled.

When a call comes in, the Line Port Status on the OBi shows ‘Ringing’, when the call is answered it then displays ‘Off-hook’.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t seem to find any mention of the problem. I’m in Australia if that makes any difference to any settings.

Sounds like a hardware problem (hook switch relay not working). Contact the hardware vendor.