Proxy server in front of * to solve UDP issues Over 3G

Hello all,
I’m facing a problem for users under 3G, where several 3G carriers are manipulating udp service, so there’s no way to get user available under 3G using UDP. I was turning and testing all option, the unique way to get the sip user reacheable was turning to tcp, which is not the best option.

I have tested to use an external proxi service like, and it seem to be true, using a proxi router before my asterisk, it allow users to connect under 3G and being available without any problem.

So, I wanted to setup a Proxi server, into my own switch, or in a small external server to do traffic routing in front of my asterisk.

I was checking around, and I haven’t found other option then Siproxd, or I don’t know if someone else have another experience with other server, or other solution, for high avaiolability proxy server t un with asterisk?

Thanks for sharing, or advicing,


Why you haven’t considered VPN?

Well, VPN is a really good option, but I’m using Acrobits, media5fone, and bria softphones for smartphones, and now one of the support VPN in box, I’d have to setup the VPS client in the smartphone in behand of the softphone, or how to do it? have you tried that??

Also, as far as I know, VPN do transport only with TCP and the UDP will not be available… and the challenge here is to keep using UDP, as if just turn the transport mode to TCP the issue it’s solved itself, and no need for any additional proxy neither VPN, but the media quality will be certainly damaged…


Not true.

Thanks for your prompt David,
So you mean VPN could do it, ok; then if so, in the smartphones would setup the vpn connection separetly from the smartphone, or which smartphone may support vpn, you suggest? anybody have tested this?

Cause with proxy, I’m trying, it’s work, but getting high lagging level, and would reduce the keepalive time, and buy end, it’s draining the smartphone buttery…

So, dose the VPN would solve this?


Android has stock option to dial VPN. I hate iPhones but this link tells you about setting up VPN on iPhone:

Give it a try…

Unfortunately, Microsoft is sleepy enough not to include VPN support in Windows Phone OS… !

[quote=“encryptedmax”]Android has stock option to dial VPN. I hate iPhones but this link tells you about setting up VPN on iPhone:

Give it a try…[/quote]

Thanks guys, BUT if I do a VPN setun in the smartphone, that will turn all over the smartphone internet traffic to my network, using the vpn, meanwhile what I want to do is just to manage the rtp traffic… So this is a global solution for all over the smartphone interoperability, it’s great, but will involve all over my network in the device traffic… which is not my real goal…

Or I’m mistaking?