Proxy Server Configuration

Is there an example of doing a proxy PRI <-> SIP? I have tried the GUI installs (freepbx, trixbox, pbx-in-a-box) and there is so much overhead in them. All I need to do is have a PRI (I have a Diguim TE410P) as the telco side proxy to sip (or anther one of the PRI channels) to two different other phone systems. I have been playing around with this for a while but trying to follow what the gui does is hard to do with all the macros and subs. Is there a basic example on accepting a call on the PRI and moving it to one of the two systems, and if any call is placed on either the systems it is placed over the PRI. I do not need to check the numbers or route them based off the number. It is critical to have the CID pass threw unchanged. I have found how to configure the PRI card and SIP for the trunking, and I think I understand the context concept, but all I need to do is match a DID and forward and accept any number and place outbound. There are no SIP stations, VM, recording, or anything else at this time (but I will be looking into fax and T.38 at some point) Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! - Jeremy

If you understand contexts, I’m not sure what you are missing.

If numbers to go to sip start 1234, and numbers to go to dahdi group2 begin 4567:


Caller ID is passed through by default, as long as the channel driver knows how to send and receive it.

Note this is definitely not a proxy in SIP terminology. In traditional terminology, it is probably a “tandem switch”.

Thank you, that, for the most part, answered my question. I was not sure if I had to do any extra steps to preserve the Caller ID. I knew it must of been a simple answer but was being hung up with all the extra stuff examples where giving me. - Jeremy