Provisioning extensions without FreePBX

Hi all,
i’m using Asterisk on trixbox and i want implement the provisioning of users through a custom web interface and not using FreePBX panel.
Inside the asterisk db i found a table where are stored users but here there is only a part of the informations that i see with FreePBX. Informations about:

  • Extension Options
  • Device Options
  • Fax Handling
  • Dictation Services

were are stored? And how are linked with users?
So, if i want create a new user without FreePBX, how can i do it?


sip user information is store in sip.conf.
dial plan logic is stored in extensions.conf.

If you want to stop using FreePBX all together then use the files listed above. However if you still want to use FreePBX for anything at all you need to make changes to the sip/extensions/zaptel _custom.conf files because the others will get overwritten when you apply changes.

If you want to write users to the FreePBX tables and have them show up I suggest you post your questions to the FreePBX forums.