Protecting the configuration of an IAXy

We would like to install a few IAXy units at a some customer locations.
These are our selected customers and we want them to reach us ASAP when they need to.
But we don’t want anyone (at the customer’s location) to mess around with the configuration of our IAXy units.

So how do we “lock” these IAXy units?
We don’t want somebody to just factory reset them and then re-provision them for some other purpose?

For them to reprovision them, they would need a Linux box and know how to compile the provisioning utility or have access to an Asterisk server on the network. However there is a reset buttom on them, but it’s not as simple as just pressing the button as they would have to be pressing the button while plugging the power back into it. There isn’t a real way to lock them down, but it’s not very obvious to reset them or change their configuration.

Well no there is no way to lock down the IAXy
And they can be accessed from any PC windows (yes there are windows tools) or linux and reprogrammed

now the product here is a little better the web based gui is password protected.
It has many more features…

It has a POTS life line as well

Thanks for the responses.

Bubba, have you used this product “S100-FX One Port FXS Designed for Digium Asterisk VoIP PBX”.

I looked at the link. We would be able to use something like this.
Any feedback on this S100-FX would be very appreciated.