Protecting customers data "Caller ID"

Hello Guys.

I would like to know how to protect incoming calls “CallerID” from being seen from the agents that they will pick the calls.

Is it possible to change the caller ID that will appear to the agent to random number and this random number can become an external extension which can be called by agent again?

any help or tips regarding the procedure ?

Thanks in advance

It’s possible, although it would be easiest to do with a pool of extensions, used round robin. The biggest difficulty with really random ones would be ensuring that the extension eventually got deleted.

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I think I can avoid deleting the random created extensions for each callerID by storing them in a database and then run a check whether the random number or extension is exist or not.

I’m not sure if it’s possible through the dial plan or somehow. that’s why I need some tips regarding the procedure

Instead of a random number, how about the md5sum of the caller ID? If you store the CID, the md5, and a ‘timestamp of last use’ you can cull obsolete entries.

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You can use Asterisk Real Time Architecture, to store parts of the dialplan in a database, or you can use a database access to parmeterise a fixed dialplan, on the fly. I think I would go for the latter.

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