Pros and Cons of Call File


I want to develop IVR Outbound (OBD Engine) where i need to make call to given user.
I have read about Call File in asterisk and implemented a test call using call file.
The problem is that i have doubt on call file functionality becoz same functionality can be done
using cron job where i can pick call id from database and using Originate command i can achieve same
functionality that can achieve using call file. Plus i need to do DB operation i.e. on successfull call completion
update database with proper status of the user.

Can anyone point out pros and cons of call file and which option is better cron job or call file.

Your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


There are different ways of originating a call. Call file or AMI , for a database driven site then maybe AMI is better.

As to updating a DB how you orinate the call doesnt matter that database base will be updated from the dialplan.


I suspect he is referring to the fact that you can now Originate from CLI, allowing one to do an asterisk -rx from the cron job.

All of them, I believe, end up in the same code.