Project based Developer wanted: GSM Termination Module + AntiSpam Suite Module

I discover a mechanism who can Identify and avoid the SPAM in VoIP networks with 100 % precision. I need to implement this mechanism with particular design into a SoftSwitch (SoftSwitch not choose yet).
This project require deep knowledge of “VoIP” & “GSM Termination” activity.

I’m looking for a company who have a SoftSwitch with following properties:

  • to include modules for GSM Termination with following settings possible:
    • sim card idle after SUCCESFULL CALL
    • sim card idle after CALL ATTEMPT
    • limit Successful Calls / Hour & / Day
    • limit Call Attempts / Hour & / Day
    • limit total calls duration / Hour
    • scripts who use CALL or SMS or USSD for checking Balance running 2 times per day
    • capable to communicate with third party devices
  • working on Windows
  • database used MS SQL
  • capable to work in Clustering (more servers works together for Redundancy and Capacity)
  • Counting & Billing modules available
  • IVR modules available

The most important for me is to be capable to implement my diagram of AntiSpam SUITE I design. This AntiSpam Design si capable to cover and solve ALL kind of VoIP SPAM present and future.

If anyone have something close to this please contact me urgent! There is a good project on the table here !

This software including everything requested here will be used for GSM-T activity and into a VoIP Cleaning Cloud Center. Joint ventures and partnership available.