Problems with D-Link DG-104S

II try to connect to * D-Link DG-104S. (Actually it 104SH, but it is loaded into it firmware from 104S.)

104S normally distinguishes a raising handset, but by each pressing the dialer’s button writes in logs:

[Mar 30 00:56:42] WARNING [91209] translate.c: no samples for ilbctolin
[Mar 30 00:56:42] WARNING [91209] codec_ilbc.c: Huh? An ilbc frame that is not a multiple of 50 bytes long from RTP (4)?
[Mar 30 00:56:42] WARNING [91209] translate.c: ilbctolin did not update samples 0

After answer D-Link is mute and demands reset.
In what there can be a problem?