Problems with anonymous callers in Europe

In Europe we have a big problem with the billing for the case we need to forward anonymous callers to mobile phones. The reason is that we pay depending on the callerid an extra fee per minute. For anonymous callers and callers from Ukraine, Belarus, El Salvador and a lot other countries this fee makes € 0.10. Some countries have € 0.05/minute and some € 0.00 (US and Europe).

In an old version from Asterisk it has been possible to make the callerid visible with the command set(callerpres()=allowed_passed_screen). In version 13 is this not possible and even CALLERID(pres), CALLERID(num-pres) and CALLERID(name-pres) don’t do the job. If I forward the call to a Cisco system by passing it through the Asterisk system, then I’m able to make the callerid visible on the Cisco system. So the information is available, but Asterisk seems not to be able to make it visible. Is there any work around available?

This will be more specific than Europe as a whole.

I would expect the default position to be not to accept user provided caller ID at all.

Which channel technology driver are you using?

Have you enabled Remote-Party-ID?

I’m using SIP. In sip.conf is trustrpid = yes and sendrpid = pai configured, but I still get only the following information after Set(CALLERID(pres)=allowed_passed_screen), Set(CALLERID(name-pres)=allowed_passed_screen) and Set(CALLERID(num-pres)=allowed_passed_screen):
From: “unknown”;tag=576132375 - PAI: - CID: - ANI: “” <>