Problems with a couple of Asterisk Servers

I’ve 2 SIP Servers, and I connected them by P2P without using IAX.

I’m using Asterisk 1.2 with extensions between 8000-8199 on SIP Server 1
and 2000-2199 into SIP Server 2.

When I try to get public, to call to any telephone number, my SIP server just kill my call without any reason.

In fact, I’m registered in both SIP Servers. When I want to get public, I need have a valid extension, but my SIP Server passed my internal extension.

It’s really confused.

I want call to +551126262626, passing by SIP Server 1 with extension 8001 and passing by SIP Server 2 with extension 2004.
2004 —> 8001 --> +551126262626
SIP1 SIP2 Public

Between 2004 e 8001 I can made a lot of things, like call to any extensions of SIP2. but when I try to go out, My SIP1 kill my call without any reasons.

errrr … ok ?

you might want to post your sip.conf and extensions.conf (but only the relevant sections) and perhaps a debug log file fragment for a failed call ?

No it doesnt, It does have a reason but you are not letting us see what it is.

Perhaps posting some debug and conf files might shed some light on it…