Problems manipulating caller ID

I have a customer that runs a virtual PA service. They give out dedicated numbers to clients, and based on the call, I change the Alpha part using (old syntax) SetCIDName before the phones ring so that they know to answer in the name of the appropriate company. This works fine

If the person calling the service has callerID withheld, all the phones present is Unknown in both the number AND alpha parts. It’s almost as if CID is set to NULL and any attempts to manipulate it fail.

Any clues?



Thats correct. The caller has said that they want to withhold their CLI. so the presentation bit to NO and this is then observed by all onward systems as it should be.

Depending on the delivery method there are various settings that effect this.
try presentation=allowed. this should reset this bit and let you present callerID.


Thanks, that did the trick, doc says setcallpres is for PRI connections, so I hadn’t tried it, but it works anyway