Problems Installing Asterisk on NEW System

Hey Guyz! I got a Major Problem in Installing Asterisk on new machine. My new machine is running:-

P4 2.66 LGA775
Asus SiS 661FX/964 P5S800-VM
80Gb Hdd

I installed Asterisk on Old P4 machine and is running flawlessly but when installed on new machines it stated that … broken pipe on Zap channels. Asterisk couldn’t run!! Help me Guyz. Issit some bios Settings causes conflict? I found out that my TDM400 is sharing IRQ with the eth0 and usb. Issit these two devices sharing IRQ created conflicts? Thankz Guyz.

What distro of linux are you using? Try booting with the noacpi option passed to the kernel. Usually in /etc/lilo.conf.

ok will try it. By the way it’s a SUSE linux

Help Guyz! After disabling the ACPI and APIC in BIOS the Asterisk still cannot start Help!!

Try disabling the USB in the BIOS too you probally dont need it.