Problemas de nateo

Actualmente estoy usando IPLAN como proveedor de telefonía, el servicio llega por la misma conexión de internet que tiene mi LAN, es por eso que necesito indicar en el archivo sip_nat.conf cual es la ip externa.
Ahora agregué el servicio de CLARO que llega directamente con su conexión y para esto agregué una segunda placa de red,el problema lo tengo cuando ruteo llamadas por CLARO y salen nateadas con la ip externa que tengo configurada para IPLAN.
¿Hay alguna forma de configurar el nateo para se use solo con IPLAN (llamadas ruteadas por la primera placa de red)?

I do not think that many Spanish speakers visit this community…
You will get help much faster if you write in English :slight_smile:

I am currently using IPLAN as telephony provider, the service comes from the same Internet connection that has my LAN , then I need edit the file sip_nat.conf to indicate which is the external ip.

Now I added CLARO service, which comes with its own connection directly, and i added a second network card, the problem I have when routing calls by CLARO and calls out NATed with external ip configured for IPLAN service.

Is there any way to configure NAT to use it only with IPLAN service (called routed by the first network card)?
Thank you.

sip_nat.conf is not a standard Asterisk file. I assume it is an inclusion in sip.conf.

The best solution to broken multiple homing situations (where both addresses aren’t valid on both networks) like this is to run two instances of Asterisk, one for each network.

sip_nat.conf file is a file used by GUI system like freepbx or elastix, a sip trace would be helpful or rtp debug. Also remmber on the new channel driver pjsip you have the options

external_media_address=External IP address to use in RTP handling
external_signaling_address=External address for SIP signalling

this can be added indivually for each trunk

Also you could try to conect your CLARO gateway to a router with NAT support, and then add that router to you Asterisk network, that will help you to avoid to use 2 network cards and posibly fix the issue if router and asterisk nat setting are adjusted properly.

Also using 2 Asterisk servers it is good deal

I need to have two providers in the same Asterisk.
Asterisk version is 1.8, it does not have pjsip.
I will try my client configure the router.
Thank you.