Problem With Outbound IVR

Hai All,

I have a requirement to design a payment remainder using Asterisk.i started with asterisk-java AMI to originate a call .I am successful in placing a call but before the user lifts the call ,dialplan starts playing .Can some one help me out in resolving this problem.

Thanks in Advance

How are you pushing calls out to the user? Analog trunks?

Yes we are using analog trunks(Dahdi drivers)

Answer supervision isn’t provided on analog trunks, so as soon as the trunk is dialed, it’s considered up. Your prompts will begin playing as soon as the trunk is taken off-hook by Asterisk. The only way around this is to go for an E1/T1 or a SIP trunk.


You must check if your provider supports reverse polarity. In case of support you can set properly dahdy.conf and thats all.
Else - you have no chance.