Problem with IVR Barge-In for PSTN calls


My configuration is Asterisk 11 + OpenVox D230E E1 card + UniMRCP + Speech recognition server.
I implemented voice barge-in during IVR playng promt ( it stops and start recognize ).

Everything working perfectly when I call from SIP phones locally connected.

When I call from analog phones from PSTN via E1 trunk I can see that speech recognition server gets its prompt. So it stops and start recognize self :smile:

I suspect echo on analog-digital conversion for such calls.

I switch on oslec echocancelation alghoritm in DAHDI config for this trunk but nothing changed.

I don’t know what to do to fix that.

Any recomendations would be appreciated!

Do you notice echo when calling from analog to SIP ?

Do you have a card with hardware echo can that you can try ?

Hello krooto,

We are looking for a barge-in implementation. Can you describe how you managed it?



Barge-in works perfectly in unimrcp + Voice Navigator.

Problem is microphone echo from cheap analog phones.

It triggers barge-in (

You are using UniMRCP. I see now. We are using Google SR API with our own ARI implementation. Only lacking barge-in.



You can try to Google SR plugin for UniMRCP:
It support barge-in.

Does Google SR recognize DTMF ?

My application is using ARI, and I am not sure it supports UniMRCP.

What do you mean by DTMF recognition in the context of SR?