Problem with host=proxy:port on asterisk-

I believe there is a bug on asterisk- regarding host=proxy:port.

If I set host=proxy on a SIP channel, then sip show peers reports the SIP channel is OK. However, if I set host=proxy:port, i.e., on a SIP channel, then sip show peers reports the SIP channel is UNKNOWN. See the following excerpts from outputs of sip show peers:

[li]Using and with or without port=5060

For a SIPPhone account, I can live with host=proxy format. However, for some VoSP, i.e. Spikko, that uses a different port other than 5060, this may post a problem. For instance, I have a Spikko account and I can configure my PAP2v1 to register to a Spikko server ( with no problem, i.e. no problems in placing/receiving calls. However, if I tried to register my Spikko account using my asterisk- system, then I get the following error messages from sip show peers:
[ul][li]Using and port=5090

[li]Using and with or without port=5090

Can anyone please confirm this with your asterisk- You can try this on your asterisk- on an account from a VoSP that uses port 5060 and/or other than 5060?

If you don’t have an account on a VoSP that uses port other than 5060 and would like to get a Spikko account to test this, please feel free to PM your e-mail address to me and I will be more than happy to send you a Spikko invitation to test and to keep. AFAIK, Spikko will take any e-mail account to register. So, if you are afraid of using your existing e-mail account, you can register for any free e-mail account and use it with Spikko.

Thank you.