Problem with hearing music


I have Asterisk V14, all works fine but I have a problem when I call a number in particular, and this number only :
When I call this public number (via my SIP trunk), I am supposed to hear a music but instead I hear “bips”. Then when the remote user picks up, I can hear him.
I assume it’s not a codec problem since I can hear the bips and the remote user.
I really don’t know what to check.
Could someone give me a clue please?

As usual, you need to provide a comprehensive SIP trace and your dialplan.

A clear explanation of what you mean by bips would also help, maybe a short audio clip.

My initial thought, from the subject, was that you might be using a codec that is only intended for speech, but I would expect the result to still bear some resemblance to music.

Chances are whatever they’re using on the other side of the call is doing it. “Blips” sounds like a non-audio codec trying to push audio.

I have an Asterisk setup with a couple of incoming numbers and a LOT of music. I know it works properly since I can call from my quasi-landline phone and get good clear audio. If you can make calls to the US/CAN/UK I can msg you so you can make sure. Usually if you’re getting good audio on everything except one channel…then it is something at the other end beyond your control.

Hi All

I found the issue : i was using the Dial() function with ‘r’ option
After removing the r, I can hear the music.


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